Yes, we suggest to use Indowud nfc Build, 25mm board for decking/flooring applications. Proper support needs to be provided for fixing as recommended in suggestions and guidelines. Additionally, suitable sealant, primer, paint or varnish/coating all around to close the pores followed by anti-scratch coating for flooring purpose is required to finish on nfc board.
Nfc boards are suitable for all exterior and interior applications. However, the use of nfc board must be avoided in all those places where the temperature is above 60 degree Celsius.
We do not recommend fixing nfc boards directly on the wall. It is recommended to leave a gap of atleast 10mm from the wall and fix the boards on the support/frame provided. Refer to guidelines and suggestions for more details or download the technical brochure from the downloads page in our website.
Indowud nfc can be used for ceiling applications. It is suggested to reduce the thickness wise recommended support distance by 100mm to avoid gravitational pull.
Yes, nfc boards are homogeneous product. Hence, it requires a proper constructive/structural support to avoid unwanted deformations.
Yes, nfc boards are 100% water proof and can be used for all types of exterior applications. It is recommended to apply sealant/varnish/coating/paint of exterior grade to protect the boards from sun/weather and regular wear & tear.
If we take care of proper support system, type of screws used, and exterior grade sealant/varnishing/painting/coating, the boards would resist deformations.
During the manufacturing process, certain additives are used that prevents the spread of fire and smoke in the unlikely event of fire accident.  Indowud nfc has been tested with UL94 of USA (V0 rating) and ASTM E84 (passes class 1/a. Flame spread index @ 6 and smoke developed index @ 100) and UIC564 (Class 1/a).
Yes, Indowud nfc is RoHS certified and has ensured that it is free from asbestos, lead and other harmful raw materials.
No, There are no harmful VOC gases emitting from nfc boards making it a safe option to be used for all types of interior applications.
Yes, the boards can be processed like any other wood based panel products and all types of wood working tools can be used for processing.
No, it is possible to PU paint directly on Indowud nfc. Do not use NC Putty. Do not pour water before closure of pores. Please contact us for more details
NFC-GLU, Probond, WP1, HeatX, PUR, Plastilok can be used. However, for any other adhesives, it is suggested to test the adhesive with a small sample piece of Indowud nfc. Drying time may vary due to environmental and atmospheric conditions.
Unwanted deformations may appear if recommended fixing distance is not followed. We suggest to follow the recommended fixing distance for best results  and to avoid curve generation.
Yes, Indowud offers buy back of nfc boards. Ensure that the boards are free from metal and wood parts before sending the wastage/scrap/rejected boards to the factory for recycling. Please contact us for more details.
Yes, Indowud nfc offers a warranty. Refer to the warranty page for more details about the warranty.
Nfc means Natural Fibre Composite product. It is a sustainable ecofriendly board that looks, feels and are available in dimensions like wood based panels for all exterior and interior applications.
Nfc boards are available in the standard size of 8 feet (2440mm) x 4 feet (1220mm) x thickness : 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 25mm. However, customized sizes are available as per the request. Please contact us for the available options.
Yes, Indowud nfc is a zero wood product made using agricultural husks primarily and extruded. Our product is certified with GreePro ecolabel by the CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) – Green Products and Services Council (CII – GPSC) / CII- Godrej IGBC.
GreenPro is a Type – 1 Ecolabel which enables the end users in the building sector and manufacturing sector to choose sustainable products, materials and technologies for reducing the environment impacts. A product which bears GreenPro Ecolabel has lower environment impact and contributes significantly for enhancing the performance of Green Buildings and Green Companies.
Indowud nfc  is available in standard wood like brown colour. However, it is easy to paint and stain  nfc board as per the desired colour.