ZerOwud nfc

Build green with zerowud panels

ZerOwud boasts good strength & durability, making it ideal for various applications, from furniture and cabinetry to wall panels.

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Standard size : 8 feet x 4 feet
(2440mm x 1220mm)
Thickness (mm) : 6mm, 8mm,
12mm, 16mm,
18mm, 25mm.
Available in both side surface smooth
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Indowud nfc Board

Transforming agricultural waste into sustainable panel

Offering a sustainable and high-performing alternative to traditional wood products. Durable and versatile, Indowud nfc is ideal for various applications in interiors and exteriors.
Range : nfc Neo, nfc Create and nfc Build
Available size : 8 feet x 4 feet
(2440mm x 1220mm)
Thickness : 6mm, 8mm, 12mm, 15/16mm,
18mm, 25mm.
Available in both side rough surface
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nfc door

The eco - friendly door

Seeking an eco-friendly alternative for your entryway? Look no further than Indowud nfc door. These doors combine the timeless beauty of natural wood panel. One can easily paint, polish, varnish or overlay veneer / laminate easily.
Size : 7 feet x 3 feet (2140mm x 920mm) &
8 feet x 3 feet (2440mm x 920mm)
Thickness : 28mm & 30mm

nfc frame

Reimagine doorways with nfc - frames

Indowud nfc Door Frames boast pen grains akin to natural wood. Customize with ease, as these frames adapt to your desired aesthetic, effortlessly merging beauty and Sustainability.
Easy to paint, varnish, stain
Available size : 3”x2”,
4” x 2.5”,
5” x 2.5”.
Standard length : 7’ (2140mm),
8’ (2440mm),
10’ (3050mm).

nfc Jaali

Elevate your space with intricate patterns

Introducing Indowud NFC Jaali: A fusion of art, sustainability and strength. Our CNC routed nfc boards, including stunning mashrabia screens, enhance interiors and lighten the weight of building exteriors.

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nfc decking

Elevate your out door living with solid composite decking

The natural beauty of wood comes without the maintenance hassle. Our solid nfc decking provides exceptional strength, durability, and weather resistance. It is easy to stain to match the desired colour.
Available size : 8 feet x 6 inch (2440mm x 150mm)
Thickness : 25mm, 30mm.
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nfc flute

The perfect blend of nature's elegance and modern design

nfc flutes offer fluting and louver solutions to cater to green architecture, fostering a harmonious relationship between human habitation and nature, paving the way for a more sustainable panelling in the louver and flute designs.
Available size : 8 feet x 1 feet (2440mm x 300mm),
Thickness : 18mm & 25mm.
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nfc textured panels

The magic of nature with intricate and captivating wooden grains

Available size : 8 feet x 1 feet (2440mm x 300mm), Thickness : 8mm, 12mm, 15mm,18mm, 25mm

Open grain,Deep texture : 8 feet x 2 feet (2440mm x 600mm) Thickness : 13mm, 15mm, 23mm

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Indowud introduces a revolutionary line of natural fibre composites featuring stunning wooden textured designs. Crafted from sustainable materials, these composites offer the warmth and elegance of wood with the durability and versatility of modern composites. Indowud: The perfect choice for eco-conscious designers and homeowners seeking a touch of nature’s beauty in their projects.

nfc trim

Natural choice for eco - friendly trims

Indowud nfc trims offer a sustainable and versatile solution for your cut to size needs. The trims are perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any project. Available in a variety of sizes, Indowud cut trims can be easily customized to fit your specific requirements.
Available size :
Standard Length : 8 feet (2440mm) Thickness : 8mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm,25mm, 30mm Standard width : 100mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm

nfc fence

Beauty and sustainability combined

Indowud fences offer a beautiful and eco-friendly alternative to traditional wood fencing. Strong, durable, and weather-resistant, Indowud fences are perfect for any outdoor space. Choose Indowud and experience the difference nature can make.
Available size :
Length : 4 feet (1220mm),
Width : 50mm, 75mm, 100mm
Thickness : 15mm, 18mm, 25mm
Style : Standard, single twist,
double twist
For any customization, please feel free to contact us
and we will be happy to assist you with customized solutions as may be required.

NFC-GLU: Bonding With The Best

Our research team observed that while bonding Indowud nf with other surfaces, the drying / bonding time varied according to the weather conditions and the type of glue used.

With our expertise and technical backup, we have developed an all-in-one professional grade adnesive: NFC-GLU to overcome such challenges.

NFC-GLU extends a strong water-resistant bond with almost all surfaces whether rough or smooth, porous or non-porous.

We strongly recommend to use NFC-GLU together with Indowud fc for bonding different surfaces together and faster.

Faster Setting Time

Water Resistant

Strong Bonding

Faster Setting Time

Can bond mostly all panels