WPC Ply Wood

Indowud NFC: Innovating Eco-Friendly Panel Solutions


Unraveling the World of Wood Polymer Composite (WPC) Boards

Welcome to the dynamic universe of wood polymer composite (WPC) boards. These composite materials are created by integrating wood particles, pigments, additives, and a coupling agent into a polymer matrix, undergoing several stages of processing like extrusion, compression, and injection molding. However, these versatile boards are frequently misunderstood and inaccurately marketed, creating a maze of confusion for customers.

Navigating the Varieties and Challenges of WPC Boards

WPC boards, known for their expansive range of exterior applications, are priced primarily based on their density. With the rising cost of PVC and a surplus of WPC, some WPC board manufacturers have resorted to adding fillers such as choona and calcium powder, impacting both the board’s price and density, and compromising its durability and longevity.

The Indowud NFC Edge

Indowud NFC steps up to tackle these challenges. What sets us apart from traditional WPC board suppliers is our unique choice of primary ingredient – rice husk. This innovative ingredient not only makes Indowud NFC termite-proof but also boosts its density, screw-holding capacity, and water resistance, promising a long-lasting product.

The Superior Choice: Indowud NFC Over Other Panel Boards

In today’s market, panel boards are available in a plethora of variations, each with their unique set of benefits and drawbacks. Common issues include susceptibility to termites, expansion, contraction, and lack of resistance to cyclic changes. With its superior composition, Indowud NFC transcends these challenges, providing a resilient and eco-friendly solution for your furnishing needs.

The Indowud NFC Advantage

Unlike traditional WPC ply boards, Indowud NFC retains the natural feel of wood, allowing it to be overlaid with veneers or laminates. Whereas WPC boards can’t be painted, printed, or stained without scratching the surface, Indowud NFC can be thermoformed, introducing a new horizon of design possibilities.

Choose Indowud NFC: Quality, Sustainability, and Versatility

Opt for Indowud NFC as your eco-friendly, robust, and flexible panel solution. Stand out from the crowd with a product that delivers not just functionality – Indowud NFC offers sustainability, durability, and design freedom.