Best Alternative To Plywood – NFC Boards

Best Alternative To Plywood – NFC Boards

Plywood-The board that requires felling of trees


The plywood industry is one of the oldest industries in India. Initially it started as tea-chest plywood where processed tea leaves were packed into boxes made out of the same. Subsequently, the applications of Plywood increased upon the introduction of plywood sheets in various sizes and thicknesses. As a result, there has been an acute spurt in creative expressions rendered by Architects, Designers, and Engineers. Today, Plywood is one of the highest used building materials in any construction. The construction and building industry have over the years revolutionized, in search of sustainable options.

Plywood furniture problems

In the year 1996, the Honourable Supreme Court of India banned all logging activities in the country. That was the beginning of a decline in quality of furniture ply. Further cheap quality of plantation timber gained entry in Plywood making process which changes its behaviour according to change in climatic condition.

This results in the expansion and contraction of veneers and results in the breaking of the glue line. This is usually known as delamination or opening of veneers and spoiling of plywood furniture. Even the best marine plywood furniture suppliers are aware of the disadvantages of using plywood in their designs and artifacts.

Since plywood is prone to termite infestation and delamination of veneers and are prone to fire, smoke, and deformation in moist conditions, Indowud nfc is the most effective solution to all the problems. Unlike plywood, it is lifetime termite proof, fire retardant, smoke suppressant, and easy to work with.

Why Indowud nfc is superior to Plywood?

 Indowud NFC – Natural Fibre Composite Board, an innovative product that has been manufactured with Natural fibers (Agro-residuals) with other minerals, additives, and PVC resin and extruded to form aboard. They are much superior to other polymer-based alternates due to the high content of natural fiber, strength and density. In other words, Indowud is  A superior alternate to plywood and wood

Indowud NFC boards are 100% termite proof, waterproof and flame-retardant – Rated V0 under UL94 flammability test (burning stops within 10 seconds). The boards are easily machinable – just like any other plywood/MDF and have a good screw holding capacity for any joinery applications.

Indowud NFC is highly resistant to natural phenomena such as decay, mold, or fungal/algae attacks. Furthermore, its acoustic properties, anti-bacterial and anti rodent makes it a perfect choice for interior or exterior applications. Unique properties of NFC boards include easy thermoformability, just like solid surfaces. Other advantages include – easily printable, paintable, CNC routing, effortless overlaying of veneer/ laminates. With a wealth of robust features and infinite scope of applications, Indowud NFC is the ultimate choice for all architects, interior designers and craftsmen.

Indowud nfc is ROHS certified and doesn’t emit any VOCs and is suitable for any kind of external furnishing applications.

“ Do not cut down the tree that gives you life and love”- Indowud nfc


Does termite-proof plywood exist or it is a myth

Any plywood is termite-proof only until the chemicals do not fade away.  The minute anti-termite chemicals evaporate, even the best quality plywood can be termite prone including marine plywood. Indowud nfc has no wood in it making it a 100% termite-proof product.

Is marine plywood truly waterproof?

No plywood is waterproof. In fact, it is only hardwood plywood dipped in harmful chemicals solutions and is made with waterproof glue. Over a period of time, plywood furniture is prone to rot, algae, fungi, and bacteria. But Indowud nfc is a 100 % waterproof product making it suitable for exterior applications.

Is plywood a good option for decking?

Conventionally, wood was used for decking. However low resistance to rotting in a wet environment swelling, shrinking besides being hazardous to fire safety where a few challenges that consistently were there. Indowud nfc is a better option as it has added benefits of being anti-algae, anti fungi and anti rodent.

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